Meaningful, Immersive Gap Semesters for Students 17-22

Carpe Diem Education students are those who crave adventure and want to walk the path less traveled. Our experiential semesters are for those ready to go inward, travel purposefully, and find their hidden potential. Sound like you or someone you know? Sign up to learn more.

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Travel off the beaten path with a small group of like-minded students. On this curated adventure designed to challenge your perspective, promote cross-cultural exchange, and inspire personal growth, you'll emerge transformed.

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For students looking to go even deeper on their immersive journeys, combine a group semester (fall) with a Focused Volunteer Placement (spring) for a full gap year. You'll work directly with our expert coordinator to contribute your unique skills to an organization in need.

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Our approach, curriculum, and focus on safety set us apart. Over 15+ years, Carpe Diem has guided hundreds of students through the process of transforming through travel, with a focus on our key values and commitment to contributing meaningfully to host communities.

“Through Carpe Diem I was given the space to grow, learn, and feel every experience to the fullest extent without judgment. If I could go back and do it again, I would not change a single thing about my experience.”


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